Windows hardware dashboard broken again?

As of March 29, 2019 I am no longer able to access the hardware dashboard and make new driver submissions. The last driver submission that I made successfully was on March 11.

The reason appears to be a recent redesign of the hardware dashboard. When I login with my account credentials (originally sysdev credentials) I am forwarded to the “Partner Center”, but I am not able to see any of my prior driver submissions and I am not able to submit a new driver.

I am aware of a recent change that required the use of a menu to access the company registered with the portal as documented in the linked NTDEV thread. However the method documented there no longer works for me:

Any help is much appreciated.

Ok, after pulling my hair out, contacting MSFT technical support, etc. etc. and not being able to resolve the issue I had the luck of using Safari on my Mac rather than the usual Edge on Win10 to access the dashboard.

I noticed that Safari showed an outline of an invisible icon at the top right of the screen. Turns out that the menu mentioned in the linked comment (see post above) is still there, it is just behind an invisible icon! (Invisible at least for my account and configuration.)