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In short, this is the place to ask and answer questions about Windows system software development. The forum provides worldwide peer help with solving problems related to the design, development, and debugging of Windows drivers of all types (including WDF both KMDF, UMDF, even WDM device drivers and software-only drivers), Windows file system Minifilters, and Windows file systems. Are you having trouble figuring out how to do something in a driver you're developing? Do you have a crash in your driver that you're having trouble diagnosing? We have a forum for you!

Migrating from OSR Online? Read the FAQ About Our New Home: We recently migrated from our long-time location at OSRONLINE.COM. To help users cope with the move, we've building up an FAQ in the "Announcements and Administration" section. Check out the Community FAQ here.

Please don't hesitate to let us know about problems you encounter. Post your questions or issues in the Announcements and Administration (AKA, "A&A") section. Above all, we hope you enjoy our new home and that we all quickly settle down and become productive. Thanks for joining us!!
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