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In short, this is the place to ask and answer questions about Windows system software development, the Windows Driver Kit (WDK), and Windows kernel-mode debugging (WinDbg). The forums here provide worldwide peer help with solving problems related to the design, development, and debugging of Windows drivers of all types (including WDF both KMDF, UMDF, even WDM device drivers and software-only drivers), Windows file system Minifilters, and Windows file systems. Are you having trouble figuring out how to do something in a driver you're developing? Do you have a crash in your driver that you're having trouble diagnosing? We have a forum for you!

More Info on Driver Writing and Debugging

The free OSR Learning Library has more than 50 articles on a wide variety of topics about writing and debugging device drivers and Minifilters. From introductory level to advanced. All the articles have been recently reviewed and updated, and are written using the clear and definitive style you've come to expect from OSR over the years.

Check out The OSR Learning Library at:

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    RSS Feed 110 discussions 234 comments Most recent: Deletion of account? by Peter_Viscarola_(OSR) December 2022
  • Windows System Software Devs Interest List — Windows Driver Developer's Forum
    This is the category to post your questions about designing and developing all types of Windows drivers, particularly device drivers. Got a KMDF driver or UMDF driver question? Got a crash in driver that you need help analyzing? This is the category for you.
    RSS Feed 39.7K discussions 184K comments Most recent: METHOD_IN_DIRECT by Arsen 5:06AM
  • Windows File Systems and Minifilters Devs Interest List — Windows File System and Minifilter Developer's Forum
    This category is dedicated to answering questions about the design, development, and debugging of Windows file systems and file system Minifilters.
    RSS Feed 15.4K discussions 50.6K comments Most recent: Blocking standard user pop ups UAC by Scott_Noone_(OSR) January 27
  • Kernel Debugging Interest List — WinDbg Kernel Debugging Forum
    Bring your questions about kernel-mode debugging and crash dump analysis to this category, where !Analyze -v is only just the beginning.
    RSS Feed 3K discussions 10.2K comments Most recent: Please help me solve an BSOD. by pulp January 19

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