Zero IPAddress Problem

Hi All,
I have an NDIS4 IM driver runnig on W2k which uses the LBFO to bundle two NICs into one logical miniport. The two NICs are setup with the same static IPAddress. Through DeviceIoControl my app can instruct the driver to switch the between the two NICs as the active primary by calling NdisMSetMiniportSecondary/NdisMPromoteMiniport. After the switch I send some data to the activated one. Now after the switch sometime I see the new active NIC is assigned an IP adress of, netmask by using “ipconfig /all” at cmd window instead of the original statically assigned IPAddress. Debug the IM driver shows that all the MAC address query and netaddress set are normal(non zero) even though later on “ipconifg /all” shows a zero IP adress. Has anybody seen this, what is the reason? Is there a timing issue?
Thanks in advance!

Jicun Zhong

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