You are invited to the 3rd Microsoft Windows 2000 Plugfest

Do you want to ship your products and never blue-screen Windows 2000?
Even if you are sure that your driver works flawlessly alone, what
happens when you try to run it alongside another product that uses IFS
filter drivers? Are you still sure?
This is an open invite to companies with released (or very-nearly
released) File system drivers on Windows 2000 to attend the third IFS
plugfest for Windows 2000. This event is an invaluable aid for your
Quality Assurance, and in gaining deeper understanding of the IFS
architecture in Windows 2000.
When: July 31st 2000 Through August 4th 2000
Where: Redmond, WA
Duration: 5 days
Cost: $0.00
Last November and January, Microsoft hosted Plugfests aimed at testing
interop and robustness of a range of filesystem and filesystem filter
drivers on Windows 2000. Over 30 products were tested at each event and
the stress tests found significant number of severe issues in ISV
drivers, and with inetrop between ISV drivers.
We consider the Plugfest to have been a tremendous success for all
involved; so we urge you all to attend and reap the rewards.
Tests will be run on Windows 2000 CHECKED SERVER build 2195 (The
Released build).
Microsoft will *not* publish a general results matrix after the event.
Vendors will only have the results of the tests between themselves and
the other parties; the results of each test are provided to Microsoft
but Microsoft will not disclose them to third parties. This is the same
as the arrangement in November and January.
There is no fee for attending this event. However, you are responsible
for your airfare/hotel and other travel expenses.
This event is currently limited to 40 companies - for a total of 80
attendees. Since this is a relatively small event, prompt confirmation
is required to attend. If you are interested in attending, please e-mail
Entrance Requirements:

  • This is an open invite to companies with released (or nearly released)
    File system drivers to attend the third IFS plugfest for Windows 2000.
    We will give priority to Filter drivers over other IFS drivers, but we
    will ensure there is a good mix of IFS driver types.
  • The main developer of the driver must attend the event. Additionally,
    another person should attend, either another driver developer, or a
    tester to help with testing/installation issues. Both attendees must be
    able to use a kernel debugger to diagnose the problems that surface
    during interoperability testing.
    Event Format:
    We will perform a number of 4 hour interop rounds where we will test
    products togather. Microsoft will provide technical resources to help
    with the interoperability issues that arise. The owners of the products
    are expected to do the primary diagnosis of problems. We will have many
    of the Windows 2000 kernel/filesystem team and the Exchange 2000 IFS
    team attending, who will be available to assist in debugging issues and
    recommending solutions.
    There will also be a number of other activities, including some talks on
    interop, 64-bit support and Whistler changes from Microsoft staff.
    We will have a Press Release describing the event when it occurs (yes,
    really this time:). Attendees who wish to keep their presence out of
    this press release must indicate so when they RSVP.
    We’ve had phenomenal feedback and quality gains from the first two
    events. If you’re shipping File system drivers for Windows 2000,
    especially filesystem filter drivers, then come along. Email Ed and
    he’ll save you a seat.
  • David Golds
    File Systems Program Manager
    Microsoft Corp
    Ed’s Contact details:
    Edward Baisa
    Program Manager - Storage Technologies
    Base OS Storage
    Microsoft Corporation
    Phone: (425) 703-9488