XP machine not connecting to WinDbg

Hello All,

I am trying to debug one of my driver on Windows XP.

I have Windows XP Professional Checked Build version installed on one
(target) machine, and trying to connect it to Windbg on another machine thru
COM port. When I boot the target machine it gets connected to the Windbg
only for 1-2 seconds and then it hangs forever. WinDbg also shows it
connected and display the Version info of the target and then it says that
“Debugee Not Connected”.

At this time I don’t any of my driver installed on any machine, just the
fresh XP professional with SP1 and symbols on other machine is also for XP
professional Checked build.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • Vipul

When the hang happens try

  1. Hitting Ctrl-Break & Alt-Ctrl-R to see if the systems got out of sync
  2. Kill WinDbg, restart it, and try to break in again.

What version of WinDbg are you using?