Write-once disk partition support (UDF)

I have a task to create a special partition on the disk drive and format it with a file system that would allow write-once operation, i.e. each sector must be written only once. Obviously such volume will only accept adding new files to it, and that’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve.

So I formatted a partition with UDF file system assuming that it might just sequentially write data without touching the previously written sectors (like writing a DVD), however when I monitored the disk access, I noticed that with every new file copied to the volume it modifies some type of structures located in the beginning of the volume, which might be the directory entries.

Question: is there a way to tell the OS to treat the disk partition as a write-once media? Or maybe there are other file systems that could utilize the write-once scenario? Thanks

How does it “write” a file then? It needs to modify a file metadata entry
to change a file size on write.

Some apps might be able to work differently, most won’t.

Sounds like you want a log structured file system…None available for Windows that I know of: