(My appologies for cross-posting from NTFSD, but I did not get a reply to
my question there)


I am using WNetAddConnection2() to map several of network volumes
to drive letters.

If I pass in the CONNECT_UPDATE_PROFILE parameter, it works perfectly. I
can open “My Computer” and see the mounts as “ABC on ‘REMOTE’” etc. Not
only that, but when I use the open-file dialog in an app like Word, I can
navigate to “My Computer” and see the same strings there. So far so good.

However, I don’t want the connection to be persistent. When I pass in a
zero to WNetAddConnection2() instead of CONNECT_UPDATE_PROFILE, I have
the following weird situation. I can open “My Computer” on the desktop
and see the mounts correctly as before e.g., “ABC on ‘REMOTE’” etc.
However, when I use the open-file dialog in an app like Word, I only see
the *first* mapping displayed correctly. All the rest are displayed
generically as “network drive”.

So my impression is that I need to specify persistent mapping in order to
get the correct behavior in the open-file dialog. Is it so? What is the
difference anyway between the display in open-file vs. Explorer’s display
of the desktop My Computer? Is there a way to get the correct behavior
without persistent mapping?

I get this behavior both on Win2K and XP.

Chuck Shavit