!wmitrace extensions are hanging

I am triing to use !wmitrace.* extentions but when I run some command, like
!wmitrace.enable myId {d58c126f-b309-11d-222e-0000f875a5bc} it waiting like 10 min and then return something like
0: kd> !wmitrace.enable aaff {d58c126f-b309-11d-222e-0000f875a5bc}
Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)
Unable to wait for StatusReady, 997

*** The debugger was unable to communicate with one ***
*** of its clients. This is possibly due to network ***
*** issues. Most likely someone who was connected ***
*** to a remote let their machine go to sleep or ***
*** hibernate. This will NOT break into the TARGET. ***

Remote operation finished with NTSTATUS 0xc0000008
c0000005 Exception in debugger client PC: 00007ffc5d1c4d3f VA: 00007ffc00000002 R/W: 0 Parameter: 00000000`00000000*

I have fast network debugging. Everything ele workking fine and fast. Localy WPP utilities are working fine. But I am unable to see WPP output in kd or use wmitrace commands from kd.