WinXP, Hibernate. BSOD, how to debug?

I’ve seen a BSOD on restoring a hibernate file on XP build 2600.
Fortunately, the BSOD happens without any of my drivers installed on it,
though they were installed when I first saw the problem (format, ghost, try
again). The error I get is KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (or

I did a lot of poking around on my own trying to figure out how one could
debug a hibernate-restore session. I made sure I had selected a dump file
to be generated etc etc. However, I got no dump file. I then thought about
poking boot.ini in some way, but there was nothing in boot.ini to point
towards the hiberfile.sys on the c:\ drive.

So I’ll ask the folks here – can one debug a hibernate file? One thought
track of mine is that hibernation may expose some bad power management
issues in drivers, but the errors I’ve seen here don’t indicate that.


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