WinSock2 AtmClient application

Ok, well I’m starting to get curious now. The WinSock2 SDK application,
ATMClient does not work also. When I compile it and use the -a option I get
a failure on the WSAIoctl SIO_GET_ATM_ADDRESS call. Further examination
using WinDbg with the atmsample driver in the Windows DDK reveals that the
reason the enumeration on the interfaces fails is… failure on
GET_ATM_ADDRESS call. Has anyone been able to make these applications work
at all with ANY type of ATM adapter Also, does anyone know how to configure
an ATM address.
I have a ForeRunner PCA-200EPC ATM Adapter form Fore Systems(Marconi)
I’ve been doing drivers for a long time now, and just don’t get this one.
Any help appreciated,
Greg C. White
I-X-CEL Consulting Services, Inc (