windows xp failed in VMware

You might want to try this query on NTDEV instead as it’s more of a block
storage question.


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Hi, all,

Recommended by my colleagues, to ask a question here.

I changed our block storage driver code to support the VMARE esxi 5, and I
can install it with ‘vmkload_mod’ command. ESX can detect my storage as the
datastore. I can install the windows 7 in our storage successfully, but:

A, failed to install the win XP. When XP setup finished to copy the files
from CD, and windows reboot, and it show me as follow:

ntldr: couldn’t open drive mutil(0) disk(0) rdisk(0) partition(1)

and, enter windows REPAIR, I can see all the windows files in c:.

B,failed to install win 2003 too. When installing w2k3, I can not format the
virtual disk as NTFS, but can be as FAT32.

And, enter windows REPAIR, I can format it as NTFS by using the ‘format’

so, anyone can help me to solve this? Or, tell me something helpful.

Should I need to do something in my code?