Windows Media Player interaction with network fsd

Has anyone had success with windows media player 9-10 on a network FSD? WMP
refuses to play media accessible via my network fsd. I’m not returning any
error codes that would indicate to wmp that a failure, but i’m never being
sent read requests.

I’ve run some tests using VMWare’s HGFS filesystem and Webdrive, and they
encounter this same difficult and windows media player is unable to play
media off these FSDs and I’m trying to decipher why.

I’ve seen a few posts on the subject with people who seem to have the exact
same issue that have not met any response and am hoping for somebody who has
encountered this to provide a bit of public advice.

As far as I can tell, a create is sent, i return success, then a volume
device info request is sent, i return what SMB returns, and them WMP then
refuses to start sending down reads.