Windows 2000 Scsi Miniport Mirror Driver for IDE

hi all,
i have a SCSI RAID miniport Driver for windows 2000. My driver fails
in the following condition:

1> I configure this Driver to do RAID 1 (mirror the data across the drives)
2> I create 10 NTFS partitions .
3> Run ST3 program for Heavy IOs.
4> During Heavy IOs i start a 20 MB file copy from one partition to another
i.e. c: to f: and a file 20 MB file copy from f: to g:.
5> After the file copy is completed i Kill all the application instances
using task manager.
6> after this i shutdown the machine and boot to DOS.

After i do the above sequence of steps and i compare the data on drives
using a Compare Tool in DOS. I find that the drives have some sectors
inconsistent and the data does not match.

I do not know what is going wrong here. Is the test i am doing Correct??
What happens when we kill a application using Task manager ?? Does it gets
killed after the SRB under progress is completed??

Any help is highly appriciated,

Thanks in advance,