Windows 10 brightness control

Hi All,

My query is related to Brightness control in Display settings. I find that in windows 10 running on my desktop(Dell), the brightness does not change when I move the scroll bar, but in the windows 10 installed in my Laptop(Dell) this works. Please note both desktop and laptop do not have ambient light sensor.
I have tried uninstalling monitor and display drivers and reinstalling them. Please, let me know any solutions for this.


This is absolutely the wrong forum for this question, and so I feel somewhat conflicted about answering it.

Brightness means control of the backlight, and the backlight is only controllable on laptops. On your desktop, you need to use the physical controls on the monitor.

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There is a way to control brightness (not backlight) via DDC/CI. Examples have been posted on the (dying) MSDN forum.

Would be cool if Windows Action panel (the Win+A thing) or Display settings allowed to control brightness of desktop type monitors too, not only laptop panels. OTOH I almost never used that.

– pa

I’m not convinced there is an electrical path to control an external monitor’s backlight. In a laptop, that backlight is connected directly to the low-speed peripheral bus and thus is controllable. Not so with an external monitor.