Windows 10 1836 attestation signing not available on Dashboard?

The client just signed the driver (attestation) to test it (with an app that doesnt like testmode) but 1836 says it isnt signed. Checked with the client and that OS version isnt available on Dashboard.

So whats the procedure with 1836? What special tricks do we have to perform, what hoops we have to jump through to get it to work? Whats the magic incantation this time?

Correction, version is: Build 18362.19h1 release 190318-1202

Ver displays 10.0.18363.418

I don’t know what it says on the Dashboard, but I can confirm from personal experience with shipping products (in volume), that attestation signing does indeed work on 19H1 and 19H2.

So… somebody must have done something wrong somewhere.

If attestation signing didn’t work on 19H1, things would be “bad.”


It installed OK on my work machine, build 10586, and on the test machine the driver certs look like this:

So it says it is signed. Some weird thing is going on.

OK, found the problem, an existing driver package with the same version/date was on the machine. I always thought windows chose a signed one in preference. Unless it changed. Odd.

I think it is telling that several very intelligent people in this (and the related) thread are not able to get the Windows version numbers correct on a consistent basis. You both knew what you meant, but that’s not what came out of your fingers.

It makes you wonder if there isn’t something to Ubuntu’s seemingly silly animal names. “Bionic beaver” is certainly easier to remember than 10.0.18362 and 19H1 and 190318-1202.

The whole naming and numbering convention scheme for Windows is seriously hosed. Windows 2004 (released in May)? 20H1? 19041? That is all patently ridiculous. I mean, it doesn’t pass the giggle test.

Yes, give me stupid animal names or names of rock formations (glacier, moraine) or… anything really… in preference to a seemingly endless string of numbers and semi-associated sort-of-names


LOL… to prove the point (like it needed any further proving, but… anyways…) I just saw a PR from a friend of mine at MSFT go by, and the commit was titled “Update for the 20H2 release” – But the update is clearly for the 20H1 release.

Everyone is confused,


Wow, Tim and Peter agree with me. Thats a first! :slight_smile: