[WinDbg] Undocumented terminoilogy

Curious’r and curious’r …

I find the pointer to my locally defined device queue has been “”,
and that the memory associated with that pointer is reporting error>. This pointer is the second parameter passed to a DPC routine
directly called using KeInsertQueueDpc.

That function header is defined as

VOID DpcForUnexpectedServiceRequest(PKDPC Dpc, PDEVQUEUE pDq, PVOID junk,

The DPC is initialized as follows:

KeInitializeDpc(&pdq->DpcForUnexpectedRequests, (PKDEFERRED_ROUTINE)
DpcForUnexpectedServiceRequest, pdq);

pDq or pdq is defined as PDEVICEQUEUE and is a pointer to a structure
typedef’d to DEVICEQUEUE.

found nowhere in the WinDbg documentation. Is this something I
missed in C/C++ 101?

Gary G. Little
Broadband Storage, Inc.

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