WinDbg so slow it's nearly unusable?


This problem has been going on now for a year at least, prior to that, it always worked well. I had been using Win7 and problem existed, now on Win10, same thing. Using VirtualBox and pipe to connect. Same issue with WinDbg Preview as well (although didn’t seem as bad). This session this time being Win10 on vm, but happens with others, connects, blue window icon shows, and windbg has the “System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:00:000” and then it sits there for 15 minutes doing nothing, everytime. I emptied my local symbol cache, i had only loaded in ntkrnlmp.pdb in that entire time so doesn’t seem to have to do with symbol store. Once it starts going, it goes normal speed. Using Norton 360, but think issue also occurred back when using BitDefender.

Now on top of that, I have problem trying to set break points, I pull up my source, can even hover over and see symbols/structure information, but trying to set a break point via the hand doesn’t work, it either spins for several minutes (note symbol cache growing) then says it can’t find it or sets it to 0 right away, depending on the source module. lm shows the driver is there with private symbols. Spent 3 hours on this now for something I thought would take about 5 min to find / fix, but haven’t even been able to get to it. argh!

Any suggestions?


Used x mydriver! and missing lots of symbols, so I gave up on the release version, went to a debug version, now I was able to set a break point. But, trying to use F10 for step over, 1 to 3 minutes per step. BUSY - Disassembly saying retrieving information… Then that comes up, and you may have to wait a while as it goes to BUSY Debuggee is running. OMG! What is going on? How do I fix it?


HOORAY!! I moved over to NET instead of PIPE and now it’s usable!! Thank Goodness. There is something in this new WinDbg Preview that offers a “Target” field for the “Net” option but it doesn’t tell you anywhere (including help) what the “target” should be. I gave up and left it blank and it worked… good enough for me.