WinDbg Preview vs WinDbg

Hi Team,

I have noticed some strange behaviour with WinDbg. I am getting ‘Kernel stack not resident’ error while trying to view the thread’s call stack. But i am able to see the same thread’s call stack if i analyzed the same dump file using WinDbg Preview. As per MSDN doc, WinDbg Preview is using the same underlying engine as WinDbg.

Generally we use company provided virtual machines to analyze customer reported issues and at present we can’t install WinDbg Preview on those VM’s. Could you please help me in understanding the reason for the above mentioned behavior?


They both use the same back end but the store version is sometimes using a newer version. Are you using the latest public WinDbg? It should be 10.0.19041.685

Thanks Scott. I am using 10.0.18362.1 WinDbg version. Let me try with 10.0.19041.685 version.

The behaviour is same even with latest WinDbg version.

Is the crash dump from a really new system? Is it user mode or kernel mode?

I just looked on my system and the debugger engine DLLs in WinDbg Preview (somewhere like C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.WinDbg_BLAH_BLAH\amd64) are newer than the ones in the latest WinDbg. You can try replacing the WinDbg DLLs with the WinDbg Preview ones and see if that works.

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not exactly relevant but i downloaded the 19041 sdk iso to an old win7 x86 and installed the debugger only it installed fine but when i ran it was no table to debug even a simple console app it erred with only a part of memory could be read (ReadProcessMemory Error ) and it was showing 001b:0068 as instruction pointer and spewed out cannot resolve instruction pointer this was quiet some time ago i ditched this 19041 debugger and extracted an18362 which ran fine on win 7 x86 i spent a few hours in the process and it appered that i would not be able to coax to run it on that machine so something is definitely different in this 19041

Thanks Scott. I am able to see the call stack after replacing the DLLs.