windbg newbie

i m new to windbg. was wondering if there are some quick faq to pick up on
i am as of yet just trying to setup windbg to do a simple user mode program
i compiled my code with
“cl abc.cpp /c /EHa /ZI”
and then linked it as follows:
link abc.obj /subsystem:console /debug /pdb:abc.pdb

i have a vc70.pdb and abc.pdb file. my trouble is that when i run the exec
from windbg
the next, step seems to be taking me to the disassembly part. though i ve
loaded the source
code and is visible, i cant place a break point on the source code or have
step next move
around on the source code.

on the command window i type “bp main” but that didnt seem to help much.
probably this is the
first step and very naive on my part but can somebody please help me out.