WinDbg IA64 problem...

Hi all,
I want to debug application on IA 64 bit machine. I
have Windows whistler ver 2250.main.000628-211, thats
what WinDbg(2.0.0023.0 for IA 64) shows in Help|About.

The problem is, i couldnt set the debug break point.
It gives the warning saying cant verify the checksum
and gives error saying could not find source
information. However if i do the same thing on IA 32
machine with the IA 32 bit version of WinDbg, though
it gives warning, it sets the break point and then
works fine.

am i missing anything, on 64 bit machine?
I have compiled my code using the beta 1 whistler
platform sdk.

are there any other debugger for IA 64 windows.


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