: [windbg] how to set condition breakpoint

Petr Kurtin:

Thank you for your reply, I know your suggestion is of the way makes
debugger to stop at the point where the condition fits with what we set.

But if there is easy means to set condition breakpoint and that will save
much time on modifying source codes.

And now I can set integer type condition breakpoint, but I can not set
string type condition breakpoint.

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i don’t use windbg commands for it, but this piece of code:

in irp_mj_create, something like:

if ( pFileObject->FileName.Buffer && pFileObject->FileName.Length >

if ( !my_wcsicmp( pFileObject->Name.Buffer, L"c:\test.txt" )) __asm int 3;


“liao_jh” <liao_jh> wrote in message news:xxxxx@windbg…

Hi All:

I start use windbg to debug my file system driver from last week, so there
are some problems in debugging.

One problem is that I want to set condition breakpoint, the condition is
that there is a PCHAR variant ??pFilePath??, I

Want debugger to stop when ??pFilePath?? ??s value is ??C:\test.txt?? for
example. Is there simple way to set this type breakpoint?

Anyone can tell me how to do it?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot,

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