Win7 WDK on XP x64?

The Win7 WDK has a restriction that it is not supported on x64 versions of Windows XP.

And, indeed, the installation fails. There’s some cryptographic mumbo-jumbo that doesn’t work (why there needs to be cryptographic monkey magic in the WDK is yet another question… but we’ll forget about that for now).

I have what I hope are two simple questions:

a) Is this a PERMANENT restriction, or will it be lifted at RTM? If the latter, is there an intermediate build that we can get that has the restriction lifted… we’re growing tired of hex editing the darn thing to get it to install. If the former, this is causing us here at OSR a TON of pain. Anything we can do to change minds?

b) Why doesn’t it work? This is particularly confusing, because the install works fine on x64 versions of S03… which are in fact the same build as x64 XP. So, unless our S03 installs are just really lucky, I’m confused.