win server 2008 iSCSI SAN boot installation

Hi All,

I have a CNA which supports iscsi boot. I configured the BIOS to discover a iSCSI LUN.
Now, Im trying to install win 2008 server through WDS, on this iscsi discovered lun.
To do this i need to load my kmdf1.9 based bus driver and an additional iscsi software initiator driver to discover the lun during the installation.

Win 2008 has kmdf 1.7 library by default. So to install kmdf 1.9 library into it, I added the package into the install.wim using DISM.
I Loaded these drivers through a usb drive and discovered the lun and started the installation over this lun.

With this the installation completes. But when the os is booting for the first time, my kmdf bus driver is not getting completely loaded.
When i connect the debugger, i see that only the Driverentry routine is called. EvtAddDevice routine is not called. So, the child function driver (iscsi sw initiator driver) is not enumerated/loaded.
So, as a result i see a BSOD saying that boot partition not found.
What could be wrong here?

Im able to install win7 successfully on the iscsi lun. I see this problem only while installing server 2008 on the iscsi lun.

Any kind of hint would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

!lmi wdf10000.sys


Hi Alex,

Did you mean wdf01000.sys? Pls find the output.

0: kd> !lmi wdf10000.sys
wdf10000.sys not found

0: kd> !lmi wdf01000.sys
Loaded Module Info: [wdf01000.sys]
Module: Wdf01000
Base Address: 8077d000
Image Name: Wdf01000.sys
Machine Type: 332 (I386)
Time Stamp: 4a5bbf28 Tue Jul 14 04:41:36 2009
Size: 71000
CheckSum: 717b7
Characteristics: 102
Debug Data Dirs: Type Size VA Pointer
CODEVIEW 25, 5ff88, 5e788 RSDS - GUID: {A9E46808-F4F7-4817-8D30-71AA9EE76FB7}
Age: 1, Pdb: Wdf01000.pdb
Image Type: MEMORY - Image read successfully from loaded memory.
Symbol Type: PDB - Symbols loaded successfully from symbol server.
Load Report: public symbols , not source indexed

Hi Alex,
Any clue from this info?

Do you specify any LoadOrderGroup for your driver in the INF?

yes. For the bus driver, it is “System Bus Extender” and for the child function driver, it is “SCSI Miniport”