WIA Scanner Driver in Windows XP

We have developed a WIA Scanner driver to run in a Windows XP
environment. The scenner works perfectly in the Microsoft applications.
But it shows an unruly behaviour in third party applications like Adobe
photoshop, Paintpro, LeadTools etc, which i so far tested.

The behavior is like this…
From this application we can import images using the scanners. Now the
Applications displays the XP’s standard dialogbox for scanners. When the
user presses Scan , preview or then it works perfectly. But when the user
presses “cancel” button it gives a rather stupid message like this “Could
not complete the import command because no scanner installed”. This
beviour is seen in the sample WIA driver with the DDK too. And above all
this behavior is seen in the HP Scanjet 2200 C scanner interface too.

Whether Microsoft has given a fix for this?? Or any any workaround for
this problem is available…???


Cinu T.S.