WIA related questions!

Hello Windows-Gurus,

I have some queries related to WIA (Windows Image Acquisition). I am trying
to understand
the development of a WIA mini-driver for a camera/scanner device using
1394/USB kernel mode WDM stack as a mode of communication.

The WIA service is responsible for loading the WIA Minidriver for a
particular device(on
discovering the presence of that device on the bus). How does the WIA
service decide to load the
corresponding WIA minidriver(supposing that i have two WIA minidrivers one
each for 1394 stack
and another for USB stack). Does it interact with the kernel mode I/O
manager which understands
the 1394/USB stacks (so that it knows which device (1394/USB) is connected).
some pointers on
this would be greatly appreciated. Is it related to specifying some things
on INF files for the
WIA devices?

the next question is when the WIA service loads the minidriver. does it load
it in conjunction
with the kernel mode drivers(the WDM function drivers for the
camera/scanner) when the
camera/scanner device is detected ???

It is to be observed that the WIA service is a user mode component
interacting with WIA
minidriver through COM.

Eagerly and patiently awaiting for a reply,

I am ready to share more details if somebody could help me,


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