WHQL Signing costs

We have just updated our driver and currently use 1 inf + 2 sys (32 and
64 bit) for 2k, xp, vista, 2003, win 7 installation.

Is it worth submitting all these as the current cost I believe looking a
policy 5 is $1000 - what happens if ms change something in win 7 and we
need to udpate our sys file to work?

I do not think we would be covered under DUA as this only allows inf
changes not binary. Do we sign all again for $1000 hit or just sign for
Win 7 for $250 and install just the new inf/sys relevant for win 7
(would require an install update and two sets of sys files one for
2k,xp,vista,2003 and one for win 7).

Or is it best to wait until Win 7 is out of RC stage?


If you driver file changes you will certainly need to resubmit your WLK logs and acquire new signature. As a result you will certainly end up paying the associated costs again. If you don’t want to do so at a minimum you should apply for Windows Vista and Windows 7 logos, since they heavily rely on the driver signature to operate. (especially Vista x64).

Based on my past experience, you do not need to have two separate drivers to do so. You can submit your driver just for a couple of OSes and when you get your signed catalog file, that catalog file will be recognized only on those version of Windows that you submitted it for. All others such as XP and 2003 will treat it as an unsigned driver.

But if you plan is to WHQL sign your driver for a couple and Authenticode-sign for the others, then you have to maintain two separate drivers.

To make sure, you can get your WLK-related answers from http://connect.microsoft.com.