WHQL error. Log seen in wdflogdump [InputBufferLength length is zero]

I am running WHQL on my KMDF driver. In particular the test DF - Fuzz zero length buffer IOCTL Test (Reliability) fails and I see the following text in the wdflogdump (!wdfkd.wdflogdump)

I am not sure (yet) whether the failure of the test is a symptom of the problem being indicated in the logs.

Here is the text in the log.

WDFREQUEST X InputBufferLength length is zero, 0xc0000023(STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL)

I realize the test is sending randomly generated IOCTLs with zero length input and output buffers.

Any ideas on what the above failure in the log might be saying about the driver?

The framework source code is available on github. Your error message is being logged here: https://github.com/microsoft/Windows-Driver-Frameworks/blob/main/src/framework/shared/core/fxrequest.cpp#L1370

This appears to be the standard WDF processing for input buffer length zero IOCTLs, and is unlikely to be the cause of failure, unless somebody broke the test.

Mark, thanks. I did check the source and it was not clear to me why it was being flagged as an error.