Where to report NTSTATUS codes back to CloseHandle() calls in the Windows driver?


I am trying to find a way how to report back NTSTATUS codes to the CloseHandle() call from the Windows passthrough file system driver example.

My understanding is that this can not be done in IRP_MJ_CLEANUP, as that is called after CloseHandle() system call already has been executed.
And it can’t be done in IRP_MJ_CLOSE, as that happens after IRP_MJ_CLEANUP.

So that leads to the question, where is the NTSTATUS code picked up from the kernel for the CloseHandle() system call?

Is there a MINOR signal in for instance IRP_MJ_WRITE that indicates that the last written byte has been called from Userspace?
For instance IRP_MN_COMPLETE (that the cache should be cleared)?

Please help me understand how to handle this…

Regards Tomas

Hmmmm… Cleanup is called directly from WITHIN CloseHandle, not after it.

So Cleanup sounds like what you want.


You sure it would get propagated? I already posted this, via enail a few days ago, but it did not show.

(sorry to take so long to respond to this… I was “otherwise engaged”)

You sure it would get propagated?

Well, I was curious. And, after checking, I can confidentially state that it does not get propagated.

So, yeah…


Observation: In recent Win10 versions the Information field of the IOSB gets filled in during MJ_CLEANUP processing. I cannot remember why, probably WSL (most of the funky things that have happened to the file system space have their roots in WSL)