Where is the SRB data placed? (WDF CDROM LOWER filter)

Hi experts.
Say we are in a CDROM lower filter and in the completion routine for a SCSI command.
Now where is the SCSI command response data?
Is that in SCSI_REQUEST_BLOCK::DataBuffer ??
should I put the structure pointer in complitionContext and then Obtain SCSI result from there?
Or is it WDF_REQUEST_COMPLETION_PARAMS::Parameters.Others.Argument1?

BTW, really what the heck is with this “no information available at all” I get in the search results for this WDF-SCSI stuff?
Any resource for me to read?

The disk class driver makes for very useful and interesting reading.

Please note: The current version of the disk class driver in the published samples is “some revs behind” the actual released version of Windows.


Thanks for answering