what is the actual use of USBD_PF_CHANGE_MAX_PACKET

Hi all

Can anybody point what will exactly happen if I use the flag

this is the information I found in DDK documentation .
USBD_CreateConfigurationRequestEx initializes Pipes[i].MaximumTransferSize
to the default maximum transfer size for a single URB read/write request.
The driver can specify a different maximum transfer size in the
Pipes[i].MaximumTransferSize, if it also specifies the
USBD_PF_CHANGE_MAX_PACKET flag in Pipes[i].PipeFlags.

Is the Flag is used to set new MaximumTrasferSize ? or Is it used to change
the MaximumPacketSize ?
When I added the flag , the MaximumPacketSize was set to Zero . When I
removed the flag then it was showing the value what ever was received from
the firmware .
I could not find much information on this flag like how to use and when to
set .
Can anybody tell me what is wrong here .

Thanks in advance

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