what is Relationship between miniport and INF file values ?

i am beginner in NDIS , so i want to learn something about driver . after reading some documents , i have some doubts . because i am currently doing some mobile broadband NDIS application . (NDIS 6.2)

i wrote INF file like this : (my driver INF)

HKR, Ndi, FilterType, 0x00010001, 0x00000002
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, UpperRange,0 , “flpp4”
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, LowerRange,0 , “ppip”
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, FilterMediaTypes, , “ethernet, wan, ppip, wlan”
HKR, Ndi, FilterRunType, 0x00010001, 1

and in virtualdriver INF :

*IfType = 0x0F3 ;IF_TYPE_WWANPP
*MediaType = 0x09 ;NdisWirelessWan
*PhysicalMediaType = 0x08;NdisPhysicalWirelessWan

HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, UpperRange, 0, “flpp4”
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, LowerRange, 0, “ppip”

so after that i have miniport.cpp

MediaSupported = NdisMedium802_3;
MediaInUse = NdisMedium802_3;

ndisMiniportAdapterGeneralAttributes.MediaType = NdisMedium802_3;
ndisMiniportAdapterGeneralAttributes.PhysicalMediumType = NdisPhysicalMediumUnspecified; // NdisPhysicalMedium802_3
ndisMiniportAdapterGeneralAttributes.RecvScaleCapabilities = NULL;
ndisMiniportAdapterGeneralAttributes.AccessType = NET_IF_ACCESS_BROADCAST;
ndisMiniportAdapterGeneralAttributes.DirectionType = NET_IF_DIRECTION_SENDRECEIVE;
ndisMiniportAdapterGeneralAttributes.ConnectionType = NET_IF_CONNECTION_DEDICATED;
ndisMiniportAdapterGeneralAttributes.IfType = IF_TYPE_ETHERNET_CSMACD;
ndisMiniportAdapterGeneralAttributes.IfConnectorPresent = FALSE;

Is this correct ? or i should chnage all NdisMedium802_3 to NdisWirelssWan to get support Mobile broadband NDIS ?