What indication does the PCI bus driver use when selecting memory address space to use?


I’m trying to track down the cause of PCMCIA card driver failing to start
under XP SP1. The behaviour is that the bus driver returns
STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES when responding to the start device.

When we apply SP1 we don’t change the hardware, so a real resource conflict
seems to be a fairly remote likelihood.

The device its driver, and its installation file have all been stable for
many years now.

I’m looking at the possibility now that we ran out of memory below 1MB
(other possible resource problems seem less likely to me right now).

As far as I understand it we should not need to use this resource, so if we
inadvertently ask for it then there is a good chance of an easy fix.

But I’m not sure how the address space is selected (INF/CIS/both) or what
the defaults would be for PCI/PCMCIA.

The inf doesn’t use any logconfig entries, it just ‘goes with the flow’.

Can anybody guide me with this one?