wfp packets interface

i have configure wireguard vpn so all packets use wireguard as default interfce i want some packets with specific remote ip should use different interface rather than wireguard interface how can i achive thise using wfp filter driver
1)on which layer driver should be and what chenges is needed to done in packets if needed to chenge network interface.

it will helpful if explain complite process in detail,thank you.

You don’t need a driver. In fact, you don’t have to do any programming at all. You need to use the “route” command to establish the outgoing route for those IPs.

How can we do that with help of wfp driver?

Did you read what I wrote? You don’t NEED a kernel driver. Rule #1 – don’t ever do anything in kernel code that can be done just as well in user mode.

You don’t want to try to write a driver for this. Such a driver would be impossibly complex and kill network performance. Look at the Set-VpnConnection & Add-VpnConnectionRoute powershell commands