weird debugger behavior when debugging a DLL


I’m writing a DLL with some low level IO stuff that I intend to use from

Before I take a look at the SCSI devices attached to my HBA I first need to
disable and re-enable it. So I looked up the DDK example and cut/pasted the
appropriate pieces into my dll.

In the process I broke it horribly :slight_smile:

So now I need to debug this dll. I gave up trying to do this from the VB IDE
so I wrote a little win32 console app that calls the function in question of
my dll, hoping that would allow me to step into the dll.

Several weird things happen:

  • as soon as I add a dll call to my little program the debugger view
    changes, it starts interleaving disassembly with the source code. I have no
    need for that and it’s cluttering the screen. How do I turn it off?

  • when I start my program (F5) I hit several user breakpoints in NTDLL,
    before I even enter my dll. I have not set any breakpoints. The Debug window

HEAP[DebugTry.exe]: Heap block at 00134A18 modified at 00134C7A past
requested size of 25a

Apparently something went awry. Where do I look?



PS I am actually able to debug my DLL by putting a breakpoint in the source
file, at least something works as I hoped :slight_smile:

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