WdfDeviceAssignSxWakeSettings returns 0xc00002d3

Hi folks,

Just want to clarify a few things about idle and wakeup:

  1. WdfDeviceAssignSxWakeSettings on my PCI device is returning (for me)
    “Current device power state cannot support this request.” I’m assuming
    this is because the PCI driver above me is checking my config space, and
    deciding that my device can’t support wake on lan.

Perhaps changes to:

40: CapID 01 PwrMgmt Capability
41: NextPtr 50
42: PwrMgmtCap 0003 Version=3
44: PwrMgmtCtrl 0008 DataScale:0 DataSel:0 D0

required here?

  1. I’m, intending to support wakeup from my NDIS miniports, which are
    “children” of my PCI device. Sooo… I’ll have to advertise and enable
    wakeup in my PCI parent device too - in order to ensure that the PCI
    driver is happy for my PCI device to assert WAKE# ? I assume so, and
    then just disable user control.