WDF 1.9 and Group Order

In my driver I fiddle with the driver load order, putting WDF before
scsiport drivers. I do this via inserting a dummy group as WDF insists
on being at a fixed position in the group load order.

This works great under 1.7, but I think this causes a problem under 1.9.
The DbgPrint messages are:

WdfCoInstaller: [12/22/2009 17:33.54.745] DIF_INSTALLDEVICE:
WdfCoInstaller: [12/22/2009 17:33.54.948] DoBootStuff:
CheckInsertIntoGroupOrderList returned error(234) More data is

I haven’t been able to establish if this causes the driver installation
to fail or not though. Can anyone tell me? Maybe this is just a
‘warning’ in the grand scheme of things and it is something else
entirely unrelated causing a problem?

I think that what I am seeing is that the driver is installed and
works and starts enumerating child devices, but then the installer
detects the above and starts the rollback. Does that sound plausible?