Visual Studio 2022 and WDK 8.1?

I've completely given up trying to build a minifilter for Windows 7 (I guess it's time to drop support for it).

Is there any way to use VS 2022 (and the WDK 8.1 I guess) to build a minifilter for Windows 8.1? Or is this a situation of needing to have a separate VS 2019 installation?

The Windows 7 WDK is still available and compiler is included so you don't need anything more:

No, you can't target anything pre-Win10 with VS2022. Though we have no problems building drivers for Win7/Win8 with VS2019 and the 21H2 WDK (including minifilters).

And you can just use the EWDK version for 21H2 and not have to install VS2019.