Visual studio 2015 with WDK 10 Post build issue

There was a post on this list from 05 Feb 16 15:43, still somehow open
(also for me, when I googled and found it yesterday):

After some experiments I would suggest the following:

edit the DriverPackage.vcxproj and add some code right to the end
(before trailing “”):

“YourValueforParam” …
“$(TargetPath)\”" />

Further info about “AfterTargets”):


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I am having a Visual studio 2015 with WDK 8.1 , I am running a *post build*
operation which involved the .cat file generated by inf2cat.

When using WDK8.1 everything works perfectly fine. however when changing on
the same project to Platform Toolset : *WindowsKernelModeDriver10.0* build

The reason it failed is because it seems to run the post build operation
before running inf2cat, while on WDK 8.1 it runs after.

I have created a brand new project, and could easily reproduce it with a
new 2015 WINUSB package project type.

I am using Visual studio 2015 Update 1. Anyone experienced the same issue ?
any solution for this ?