Vista 32/64 Bug 1 Device Manager

Hi gurus,

I have discovered two Bugs related to installation / removal of our PCI
multiserial port driver in Vista. This is Bug 1. First I hope this is me.
Let us assume the driver is digitally signed both the bus driver inf and the
port driver infs. The bugs happens with or without digital signatures. The
first bug happens only when I have more than one of our PCI cards installed.
These are the Equinox Multiportserial cards now branded under Avocent. If I
have two PCI cards installed and I have Device Manger showing under
Mult-port serial adapters two PCI Adapters. Equinox SST-8P PCI Adapter and
Equinox SST-4P PCI Adapter. The first is the bus driver for our SST-8P
which has 8 com ports and the second is our SST-4P which has 4 com ports.
Now I do the following steps.
(2) Right - click on the SST-8P and choose Uninstall. Device Manger indeeds
uninstalls the SST-8P and its 8 Com ports. Great.
(3) Now Right -click on the the SST-4P and choose Uninstall. Device Manger
indeeds uninstalls the Device. Also since this is the last device for our
SST driver we get unloaded from memory. Great.
(4) Now the BUG. Right after the SST-4P is uninstalled and SST driver is
unloaded. Device Manager now re-installs the previous SST-8P!

Note that the BUG happens if I have 3 PCI adapters installed. The key to the
bug to have 2 or more of our devices installed. Lets call them SST A, SST B
and SST C. I uninstall SST A say, and that works. Now I unstall SST B say
and that uninstalls. Then the BUG Vista’s Device Manager reinstalls SST A.

Device Manager should work in this case. Device Manager works in XP as you
would expect. You have 2 PCI adapters. SST A, SST B and SST C. You can
uninstall all them one at a time.

William Michael Jones “Mike”
Senior Software Engineer Avocent Corporation.