virtualdisk and UNC function

UNC Management

I would like to implement the UNC functions in my virtualdisk filesystem driver,
I need to implement the function ‘IOCTL_REDIR_QUERY_PATH_EX IOCTL’ and my disk must not be of type: FILE_DEVICE_DISK_FILE_SYSTEM
But do I have to call the Windows API function FsRtlRegisterUncProviderEx ?
Information : the driver vboxsf (Virtualbox sharefolder) does not call function 'FsRtlRegisterUncProviderEx’but implements the IOCTL function ‘IOCTL_REDIR_QUERY_PATH_EX’.


Yes, you need to register as a UNC provider. Otherwise MUP doesn’t know to
call you for name resolution.

I don’t know anything about vboxsf, but does it call
FsRtlRegisterUncProvider? That’s the older (pre-Vista) way of registering a
UNC provider.