Virtual Disk Service dies when we format our NVME SSD


We have a NVME SSD card that is fully functional on Linux. We are trying to get it to work on Windows Server 2016 using inbox stornvme driver.

On Windows I’m able to use the SSD card as a raw device. I can run FIO read/writes and I can also read/write using test programs I wrote. However, when I try to format the SSD device, Virtual Disk Service dies. I’ve tried NTFS/FAT/FAT32 and also different disk sizes. But it makes no difference, VDS always dies.

To debug this issue, I switched to Windows 7 and used the OFA NVME driver source code. After building and loading the OFA driver I can see that all commands sent to the SSD device during format process completed successfully.

I’m a bit new to windows drivers. Any pointers on how we can debug this issue?

thanks for your help