Viewing WPP messages in DebugView

I have KMDF driver with WPP tracing, which has this line:
#define WPP_DEBUG(b) DbgPrint b

On the target computer I can start new session using TraceView, connect to driver’s .ctl and tmf files, and see WPP messages in real time both in TraceView and DebugView. Now I want to do the same with tracelog: start session and see WPP messages in DebugView. So, I start tracelog session:

C:\TraceView\tracelog -start TestLogSession -rt -guid C:\Public1\WppTest.ctl

and run some driver functions. But I don’t see anything in DebugView. My goal is to run batch file, which enables viewing WPP messages in DbgView and WinDbg. If TraceView does this, I hope this is possible also from command line.