V2.4 of Device Tree is availble

DeviceTree V2.4 is now (or soon) to be available on http://www.osr.com/
. Here is what is in the latest version:

  1. Less susceptible to crashing, the device enumeration code has been
    reworked to use standard NT calls.
  2. The code now allows printing of the deviceTree pane (left pane of
  3. Code now knows how to interpret PCI, ACPI, USB, and Disk device types,
    giving the user a better picture of the types devices present on their
    machine. (look at the Vendor field in the device view for detailed
  4. The performance of the code has been improved (and hopefully you’ll see
    the improvement).

Mark J. Cariddi
Consulting Associate
Open Systems Resources, Inc.

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