UVC still capture with method 3

Hi Guys,

I am developing UVC still capture with method 3 now. I add one bulk EP into the original VS interface, and specify it is the still capture endpoint. The enumeration seems fine, I can find my device and render video streaming with single capture pin. But when I render still pin too, I can’t start streaming because Windows will send stop immediately.

It means host send set_interface N to start streaming, and I find one still pin commit control command be sent, after the command acked, host will send set_interface 0, then streaming stop.

I have checked all capture/still probe/commit control, but nothing found. I add bulk EP in VS interface according to sample of UVC spec. It shows how we supply descriptor, but I’m afraid, it says nothing about probe/commit control with bulk still capture pipe.

Does anyone have similar experience? Any advice will be helpful.


I have same problem with you, did you have a try in XP? I can work in XP, but failed in Win7 or Win8.
a error was pop-up in graphedit:
“The graph could not change state.”
“The operation completed successfully. (Return code: 0x00000000)”
Anyone have solution?