USB Serial Port Suspend / Resume problem with the 2.0 Hostcontrollers


We have USB to Serial port converter. We have written
windows-2000/XP WDM driver for that device.

The 2000/XP WDM driver is working fine with all the serial port applications.

When we receive PowerDeviceD1,PowerDeviceD2 or PowerDeviceD3 we are stopping the
all the USB transactions. And configuring the device (Setting the registers and starting
the USB transsactions) when the we receive PowerDeviceD0.

When the systems comes out of the standby mode, my device(Application) works fine with the
1.1 hostcontroller.

But the same thing is not happenning with the 2.0 hostcontroller. i.e My device doesn’t work
when system comes out of standby mode.

I Debugged this issue and I found that VendorCommands (For Configureing the device registers)
and Usb Bulk requests are failing when we are processing the PowerDeviceD0. That is why device
is not working properly.

URB status is 0x80000300 with VIA2.0 Hostcontroller
URB status is 0xc0000005 with NEC2.0 Hostcontroller

Does anyone have any idea why this not work?

Thanks in advance
B. Madhukar Reddy