USB Remote control filter

I recently bought the iwand MI350 remote control from Mythix to control multimedia application (media player, WinDVD or PowerDVD). But unfortunately Not all the buttons are working…!!!

I decided to program it so i can add some functionality, like shut down PC,… But i don’t know how should i proceed.
After reading about usb spec and WDMF (I should confess, little…), i was thinking of making a filter driver, and intercept the buttons click…and was wondering if there’s some generic driver i can use, and tweak to my need.


wow…any help…It’s christmas time ;D

I looked for your device online and found only a handful of places selling it on the entire 'net. I couldn’t find any pictures or specifications. So how could we help?

Either their official site is closed…:(…

Didn’t get any driver when i buy it. I did plug it, and it was installed automatically, should i guess, the remote is using the default USB driver (from winXP).

I hooked media player to see with MS Spy++, that some button are sending just a bunch of VK_KEY’s.

I was just asking if could modify the sequences sent by the remote to suit my need, by installing a filter…I mean, when i press rewind button, the filter should send to the foreground application CTRL+UP, or some other SEQUENCE…

By the way, here’s a simple photo