Unable to load the symbols


I am working on the USB WDM drivers build for Win10 OS.
To live debug WHQL issues, I have connected the debugger and WinDbg cannot load the symbols properly.

I have built the driver in both release and debug configurations, still seeing the same issue.
Kindly help me with this.

The error shows as a signature mismatch of pdb and sys. However, I have loaded the same pdb generated at the build time.

0: kd> .sympath
Symbol search path is: D:\dev-area\source-code\WAUSB_1.9.12.0Src\x64\Release
Expanded Symbol search path is: d:\dev-area\source-code\wausb_1.9.12.0src\x64\release
************* Path validation summary **************
Response                         Time (ms)     Location
OK                                             D:\dev-area\source-code\WAUSB_1.9.12.0Src\x64\Release
0: kd> !lmi wausb
Loaded Module Info: [wausb] 
Cannot read Image header @ 0000000140000000
    Load Report: private symbols & lines, not source indexed 
                 d:\dev-area\source-code\wausb_1.9.12.0src\x64\release\WaUsb.pdb - unmatched
0: kd> !chksym wausb d:\dev-area\source-code\wausb_1.9.12.0src\x64\release\WaUsb.pdb
Cannot read Image header @ 0000000140000000
      pdb sig: 9234A5D2-E519-4F4E-89FD-E6500B60AED2
          age: 2
sig MISMATCH: WaUsb.pdb and wausb

Shravan Mahendra

You need the OS PDBs in your symbol path also. Try:

.sympath+ d:\dev-area\source-code\wausb_1.9.12.0src\x64\release

Things to remember:

  • It gets the .SYS from the target and the .PDB from the host.
  • The binary on the machine being debugged must exactly match the binary on the machine doing the debugging. It’s very easy to do a rebuild and forget to copy the .sys file to the target. Even if you rebuild without changing the source, the binary gets a new checksum.
  • It’s a lot easier to debug with the Debug build instead of the Release build.
  • .reload is your friend, as Scott suggested.

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