unable to boot win 2k professional with sb16 pci card installed safe mode works ok

Hi all,

Can anybody tell me how to get a SoundBlaster 16 PC card working under win
2k professional

PC chips mainboard with via pro - usb chip set bought 1997
64 mb memory

s3 trio 64 v2 pci default settings
sb16 pci default settings web updated drivers from creative Asia Website
Philips usb camera, enabled with via driver for the via usb chip on the
mother board

national semiconductor network card (as) io 340h irq 05

When I reboot the PC it freezes after 10 blue blocks have been completed on
the boot screen with win2k logo.
Lost of harddisk activity and then nothing

booting into safe mode works

The card works correctly under win nt4 sp6 and also under win 98

the same hard ware in all cases

Removing the network card does not help.

Removing the soundcard and win 2k boots ok.

Disabling the soundcard driver does not make it boot.
however deleting the soundcard driver allows it to boot, but after / during
completing the startup folder the PC freezes in this case.

If this soundcard is not supported under win 2k which low cost (<30 pounds /
60 dollars) soundcards work with win2k

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