UMDF, DTM and blue screen


My driver passed DTM a few weeks ago.
In the last days we started seeing blue screens on XP while uninstalling it.
I’ve tried re-installing it, but it seems I can only re-install a copy of the driver which I complied 2 month ago (before the DTM).
If I compile the same code now, I can’t re-install it. I get error code 1 or 10 (I had a few 37 until I did shutdown with updates installation).
On Vista this doesn’t happen (neither the installation error codes nor the exception which causes the blue screen).
It happens on XP whether the cat file from the DTM is in the installation folder or not.

I can see two possible reasons, since my compilation env has not changed at all (6000 and coinstallers 1.5):

  1. Was there a new update to XP which may cause this issue? A few times when I shut the computer down, it asked to install updates.
  2. Any affect of the new cat file generated by the DTM?