UMDF, Configure Request Dispatching.

For I/O Queues we saw that after each CreateIoQueue that is not the default we should have at least one ConfigureRequestDispatching, but in the example of the UMDF FX2 driver in the Device.cpp file despite the fact that on line 272 for m_ControlQueue, a ConfigureRequestDispatching with WdfRequestDeviceIoControl type Considered, but does not provide any ConfigureRequestDispatching for m_SwitchChangeQueue. So how does the framework know which category of I/Os should be sent to m_SwitchChangeQueue?
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Please delete this discussion, I found answer… :slight_smile:

common decency suggests that we shouldn’t delete a discussion that you started, but rather that we ask you what your answer was

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Dear MBond2
I found that when a queue with manual dispatching is created, it doesn’t need callback for processing any requests, actually this is queue itself that start request to get information from device with such command as RetrieveNextRequest! this is only way for a driver to send information to an application.

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